lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012



Dress: ***ArisAris Igs6 Tube Dress -  sim Hunt (Amony) MESH 
Shoes: ***ArisAris Pumps Black and white dots - MESH
Bag: Septem Essentia*DIA&DOT tote bag set - 10L$
Skin: Filthy Group Gift- October - join fee

Outfit:  Tick or Treat Trail Hunt #52 at Destinity's Designs
Shoes:  Tick or Treat Trail Hunt #51 at Ziva's Underground Footwear
Pose: suscribe Gift {pose maniacs}
Pose: "Never Forget" {Ms. B. Designs}  old

***Hunt begun on 5th octover till 21th octover.  A gift for the hunt wich price  be 1 L$