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Picture this...

(epia) - 'Picture This' Chalkboard Game- the chapter four
floorplan. transistor radio / floral RARE [c/nt]- Coming Soon (kustom9)
Sari-Sari - Folding Table *folded* (green)
(epia) - Turtle Backpack- TMD
junk. prudence chair. green leather.
junk. prudence lamp. grass.
/ XIAJ / Yuru Artist Desk
(epia) - 'Flash Beer' Drinking Hat- TMD
xin. censored hoodies
(epia) - Damion Jeans
floorplan.. hanging map / nyc

martes, 9 de septiembre de 2014


-Labyrinth- Red Skin (Light) - TheFuzz - NEW, NEW, NEW
xin. apocalypse jacket  - for uber
*ARGRACE* WelcomeGift "MINATO" [male/unisex]

lunes, 8 de septiembre de 2014

You & Me...

 This collection will be released at the event, The 24².
 This event will begin on September 5th all the way 'til September 13th.
[ dynasty ] - Denim Shorts .v2 - Black
[ dynasty ] - Rhodes Crew - Ivory
-Labyrinth- Red Skin (Light) - TheFuzz+HB- NEW, NEW, NEW
Kauna - Safety Glasses
{AMITOMO}Vintage Camera

viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

My Bunker...

(epia) - Pandemic Mask (post-apoc) RARE- (Arcade Gacha)
(epia) - Terrain Bunker RARE- (Arcade Gacha)
(epia) - Geiger Counter- (Arcade Gacha)
DECO - MESH Gentleman's Gloves (dirt)
[Deadwool] Joad pants - black
[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black- the "Uber" event
Speakeasy :: Dawn Of A New Breed Tat (unisex)- Gift

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jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

wich book are you prefer...

junk. prudence lamp. lemon.
junk. round rug. zebra.
junk. open book. converge.
This Items will be are available- Kustom9
(epia) - Oxford Futon BUTTERSCOTCH
[JuSt CoOl]  Mr. All That
flow . T-Shirt U-Neck - Group Gift

miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

Just Beautiful...

Soy. Old Hut [for overwater]
      . Glass Fishing Float (blue)
      . Glass Fishing Float -w/o net- (green)
      . Crate w/ Glass Fishing Floats
This items will be available at Kustom9
/ XIAJ x ZZANG / Wagon Bike + rust + RARE
flow . Neoprene Boardshort
(epia) - Sweet Kicks

martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

my own weight...

(epia) - Sweet Kicks
-ATTIC- Robber Bag Comic Strip- Coming Soon - Kustom9
*Labyrinth* Renegade Mesh Shape(Alistair)- TMD
/ XIAJ / Wes Jeans
/ XIAJ / Hades & Zeus Off-Collar Shirt- Collabor88
*EverGlow* Gift poses (09m)

lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014

The next...

*Labyrinth* Chuck Mesh Head Shape (Renegade Series)
Kauna - These new releases are designed to fit with any XIV items Black Fashion Fair

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martes, 5 de agosto de 2014

Come with me...

*VoguE* GOTM (Aug) Sunglass- Gift
-Labyrinth- Renegade Mesh Head Shapes(Richard)
/ XIAJ / Summer Board Shorts(Orange) @ TMD
[Deadwool] Dippold shoes - salmon - Chapter Four
Soy. cassete collection (TAPEMAN Earphone & TAPEMAN Grass Green)-Kustom9

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

My Heart...

-NIVARO- Ichero Skin - lighttone - nohair_clean
FATEwear -Swimwear - Gibs- NEW, NEW, NEW.
luxe. - Wooden Gear Earrings
{S0NG} :: Toki Eyes(Honey Brown)- Kustom9

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