martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Our Choice


1) Buy a Choice! item at any Choice! participating store.
2) You will find a stamp card per item.
3) Attach a stamp card. You can attach it as a HUD. Attach your cards as many as you have empty spots to wear. You can stamp multiple cards by one touch if you are wearing several cards.
4) Touch a Choice! stamping machine to stamp your card. Stamping is free. Visit all 20 stores and collect 20 stamps. 
5) Visit the Choice! Event Hall, go to an empty prize vendor. ->SLURL
6) Detach all your cards, and rez(drag and drop from your inventory) one of your cards on a black table of a vendor.
7) Follow an instruction, select your prize!     

Kkarl and I with all our cards , its very hard to choose the prizes.

NINIKO  Boy choice 2011.

*Edelweiss* Lamu (Included 2 shirts and skirts, socks, bikini and shoes)

Panda avatar for boy or girl :
**DP**yumyum haohao_panda(ver2)

Scarf: sf design sculped scarf (FREE)

Lace: Ero Rabbi---Hair Ribon(heart)