martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Watermelon Hunt

SwayLand Watermelon Hunt July 23rd - August 7th

Find watermelon slices and win special gifts from Ayla's, nonino, Sway's, ToRiCo and Zacca!

• All over the SwayLand Sim we've hidden Watermelon slices. Find the Watermelon slices, touch them and you will get a NC. In some you'll find a password but some are empty ;)

• Go to the main Hunt place and touch the Giftbox from that  shop you found the Password,then follow the instructions.
• Example: you found the Password from Sway's go to Sway's Giftbox and touch it...

Sway's GiftBox: Hello
Sway's GiftBox: This is Sway's Box, please tell me the correct password to get the gift
Sway's GiftBox: type /07 'Password'
type the password in chat and you will get the Hunt Gift.

• Please note that you can only get each Gift with the right password

IMPORTANT: if some viewers may not display the whole text, please "Copy and Paste" the password to get all letters!


Picnic Table and snow cones:  SwayLand Summer Hunt 2011 // * nonino * SET (SwayLand Watermelon Hunt)

Shorts and hat: Sway's [Aloha-Boy] Shorts band (SwayLand Watermelon Hunt)
Skin:  MHOH6 gift  Prodigal

Barbecue: Sway's-[ Zacca ]- Garden Kitchen - SwayLand SummerHunt (SwayLand Watermelon Hunt)
Food: Sway's.::ToRiCo::. BBQ Food set (BOX)(SwayLand Watermelon Hunt)

Hair with hat: [LeLutka]-BREEZE hair - CoalMine (SOM gift)
Bikini with sarong: [LeLutka]-SET bikini SARONG/warm

Bikini, skirt anda flower hair: Sway's [Aloha] Watermelon Hunt Gift (SwayLand Watermelon Hunt)
Hair: [LeLutka]-RYKIEL hair - SoySauce