miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

New England

-Labyrinth- Rogue Series Mesh Heads (Abel) NEW, NEW, NEW
[ hoorenbeek ] Justin Shoes - Chocolate- Hunt Freebie
Hey guys, don't miss the next opening of the sim Noble New England! (31 Oct Open)
There will be (Live) music events held in the Church, which is decorated as a Vintage club.
There's also a secret wizard society situated upstairs in the barn (an off spring of the Hogwarts sim Expecto).
Are welcome photographers, bloggers and people who just want to explore and enjoy the island.

martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

I need your warmth...

-Labyrinth- Rogue Series Mesh Heads (Abel) NEW, NEW, NEW 
[ hoorenbeek ] JEANS- Halloween 2013 Hunt Freebie
flow . Sweatshirt Element 8 - Liquid Mesh  NEW, NEW, NEW 

lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

I'm Ready...

(epia) - Versatile Combat Uniform- Navy  NEW, NEW, NEW
-Labyrinth- Rogue Series Mesh Heads (Connor)  NEW, NEW, NEW
Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Deep True Grey) Gift

viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

My next Travel...

 Serenity - New Beach Cottage-  BTF RARE for Gacha
Blink2Wink - Mesh Suitcase - BTF RARE for Gacha
::GB:: MESH Driving SHOES- Group Gift 

jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013


DECO Legends - The Pin Cushion** HORRORFEST
DECO Legends - Fateful Threadcutter (HORROR  EDITION) Trunk HORRORFEST
LaVie - Halloween 2013 "Killer" Hunt Prize

miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013


-Labyrinth- Priest Beard
flow . Sty Sweater - 3 - Liquid Size
Markel Shapes :: Europe Male   ::BTF::
Mr.Bloch-  Caesar Skin
ASO! Traveling necklace (bronze)  ::BTF::
*ionic* I'm a bird (chair)( folkie carpet)(lamp)(frames) Kustom9

martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

Shopping Night...

/ XIAJ / Halloween Blood Pins orange (group gift)
:::LP::: Glam_Studded Sneakers [80's] kustom9
flow . Morcego Pants Lilac - Liquid Size
Mr.Bloch - Caesar Skin
Toro. Recycled Bag {Philippines}  With Ítems ONLY kustom9

lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

One step more...

:::LP::: Glam_Studded Sneakers - Kustom9
::JLB:: Apparel - Night Caps -  Kustom9
::K:: Fringe Pullover BOHO-Redbean NEW, NEW, NEW
 ( Purple Color Gift)
Mr.Bloch - Caesar Avatar (Skin & Shape)
Mayfly - Eye Deep True Grey (FREE)

jueves, 17 de octubre de 2013

martes, 15 de octubre de 2013

Long Travel...

/ XIAJ / Elephant Bag (taiga) RARE - KUSTOM9 ( Every 2 weeks)
flow . Sweatpants Drop-Crotch Skinny
NS:: Glasses Mustache lol Bitacora Travel Fair
L&B S'wear "Lover's" (M) Necklace  Bitacora Travel Fair
Mr.Bloch Shape & Skin-- Conrad

lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

Bitácora Travel Fair

Labyrinth- Diego Skin [Light] - The Big Scruff NEW, NEW, NEW
-NIVARO- Beards - painter

Hey guys, coming Bitácora Travel Fair a full sim divided in 5 continents and exclusive clothes.
From 17 to 31 October, not to be missed

D-Style- Bonnet Cappy X, CASUAL SHIRT, Travel Shorts, Tube Scarf,
D-Style/Latreia - Urban Sneakers

jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013


-NIVARO- Beards - painter
/ XIAJ / Baseball Lee Sweater (Maroon) SHE & HIM
/ XIAJ / Mustache Hip Cap (Black) Group Gift
-Labyrinth- Diego Skin [Light] - The Big Scruff NEW, NEW, NEW

martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

The Forest...

-NIVARO- Crow Skin - lighttone - linehair_bald
/ XIAJ / Leather Neck Wallet (orange) Men Only Gacha
flow . Sty Sweater - 4 - Liquid Size Men Only Gacha
Mayfly: Deep True Grey - Group Gift

domingo, 6 de octubre de 2013

Long way...

/ XIAJ / Sharkskin Trench Coat  NEW, NEW, NEW
The Limitee Event  (1-13 OCT)
-Labyrinth- Rider Skin [Light] - TheCleanShaven
-Labyrinth- Fork Beard NEW, NEW, NEW
-Mayfly- Keshie (Deep Sky Eyes ) Group Gift
DECO - MESH His Jeans medium (dark)

jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Wet shoes, Not ...

**Dura-EMO**01 -unisex hair
-Labyrinth- Rider Skin [Light] - TheDipper+HB
/ XIAJ / Dark Denim Autumn Blazer NEW, NEW, NEW
flow . Morcego Pants Blue2 - Liquid Size

miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

Think about this...

/ XIAJ / Mustache Hip Caps - Group Gift
-Labyrinth - Rider Skin [Light] - TheDipper+HB
/ XIAJ / Wool Knit Sweater (Dark Grey)
Eclipse Art Studio-  Sensation Bracelets Withe - ROOM 69
flow . Morcego Pants Green - Liquid Size

martes, 1 de octubre de 2013


*Dura* The 3th year Anniversary hair - Gift
-Labyrinth- Rider Skin [Light] - TheDipper+HB
::K:: Accent Tie  Welcome Gift
Kauna - Jeans: Green
flow . 18Hangar 3 - Liquid Size